Chocolate Mooncake Tea Set


A lovely Mid-Autumn Gift that includes an assortment of delicious chocolate moooncakes and teas from London.

Chocolate Mooncakes:
* Raspberry Coconut & Rice Crispy (90g)
* Green Tea & Rice Crispy (90g)
* Mango Strawberry & Rice Crispy Hazelnut (90g)
* Double Chocolate & Rice Crispy (90g)

London Teas:
* Monk's Blend (1 vial)
* Creme Earl Grey (1 vial)
* Strawberry Parfait (1 vial)
* Orange Blossom (1 vial)
* Caramel Cream (1 vial)

Dimensions: 18cm (L) x 18cm (W) x 10.5cm (H)





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